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Pass Your Current Singapore BTT

Passing your own Basic Theory Test will be the first step when an individual get your current generating license throughout Singapore.

Specifically we’re referring in order to motor cars Class 3 / 3A / 3C / 3CA.

Pass Your Current Singapore BTT Everdine-Kalifunge

Note: Class 3C / Class 3CA are generally new licenses issued by the Targeted Traffic Police efficient 1st June 2015.

To make issues simpler, regardless of any type of Class three you may must distinct your ownBasic Theory Test along with Final Theory Test believed the Practical Generating Test differs inside terms of the actual specifications of the sort regarding Class three license you are taking.

Whether you’re going with regard to Manual or Auto (Class three / 3A / 3C / 3CA licenses), the actual Basic Theory Test (Exam) will be held in various driving a car schools.

Note: you could signal up as a faculty student for your Basic theory test in CDC even should you intend to perform along with private driving instructors later. Inside fact we recommend one to sign up with the school when you are preparing to your Basic Theory Test.

As any student, anyone may take more mock (simulated) Basic theory test assessments 2-3 hrs before the real exam. This will greatly enable anyone to inside clearing your current Basic Theory Test.

What to pay / learn throughout Basic Theory Test / Exam?

We suggest anyone purchase the Basic Theory involving Driving A Car – Your Official Handbook from the school ( referring as becoming a package deal with almost all the Final Theory Test handbook) once you final theory test book for the Basic Theory Test.


- Introduction in order to traveling (in Singapore), various classes of traveling licenses

- Singapore Highway signs and also Signals (you actually need to memorise almost all these)

- Singapore Visitors rules and regulations (again just pure memorisation)

- Code involving Carry Out around the road

- Parts and control associated with A final theory test Vehicle (Basic)

- Along With various other nitty gritty details that we won’t deal with here.

- When you obvious your Basic Theory Test (you can get the outcomes about the spot with a print out), your Basic Theory Test “Pass Results” stays along using you pertaining to life.

- This particular means, you can proceed to accomplish your subsequent two actions (together in the wedding you want)

1. Acquire the Provisional Driving A Car License (PDL) – this permits you to understand practical lessons on the roads having a certified driving a car instructor. With Out this PDL, a person cannot book for the generating lessons

2. book your own Final Theory Test date. you definitely need to obvious the Basic Theory Test Date prior to booking for your Final Theory Test Date.

We will enable you to clear your Basic Theory Test (BTT) along with ease.

Localdrivinglessons singapore basic theory test

Final Theory Test

The Final Theory Test is really a fantastic deal tricker than the Basic Theory Test in the feeling that you will be expected to end up being able to recognize how a manual automobile perform (clutch, brakes and also accelerator) with each other with the distinct gears.

Even if you tend to be heading for the auto automobile license (Class 3A), you have for you to distinct exactly the actual same Final Theory Test taken simply by Class three students (Manual and also Auto).


We experience it’s better with regard to you to show up at a minimum of 1 to always be able to two practical lessons using a manual as well as auto car FIRST prior in order to taking your FTT. This kind of can give you a significantly better appreciation with the utilisation of the clutch-brake-accelerator mixture collectively using the gear. quite any great offer of questions within the FTT addresses this.

Pay attention to final theory test the method the FTT targets drink drinking. Applies a new large quantity of sound judgment and an individual also can distinct the large amount of such questions. Essentially do NOT consume as well as drive!

Areas covered inside the Final Theory Test:

- Introduction – safe driving

- Operation of vehicle controls. This kind basic theory test of addresses the particular various fuctions upon clutch, brake, accelerator along with gears pertaining to example.

- Basic Driving A Car Techniques covering different safety aspects of driving.

- Techniques within driving a car inside traffic. Traveling uphill and also downhide as well as other details about navigating your traffic.

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